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The Greatest Supper Party!

8, 15, 22, 29 May • 03:00pm • National Museum Singapore

Piloted as an inclusive food art project among a group of friends who graduated from Kindle Garden, Superhero me has paired with Singapore’s first inclusive preschool to create The Greatest Supper Party! where this programme aims to collect creations of local dishes.

Cinema Reclaimed: Medicine & Modernity in Singapore Cinema - Doctor

29 May • 02:00pm

Get a packet of tissues ready for the screening of Doctor, a 1958 melodrama centred on a young man’s struggle to find a balance between chasing his own dreams and fulfilling his grief-stricken father’s wish for him to pursue medicine to serve the needy.

Cinema Reclaimed: Live Dialogue

29 May • 11:00am

Join us for a live dialogue session with the men behind the first edition of Cinema Reclaimed. They will shed light on their chosen theme of medicine and modernity.

Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Vadai

29 May • 10:00am • Chinatown

Learn the art of making fluffy yet crispy vadai – a savoury golden-brown fritter from India – in this cooking workshop by Food Playground!

The Hungry City: Singapore's Food History

27 - 28 May • 10:00am • Yale-NUS [Virtual only]

How did colonial-era slaughterhouses, Cold War kitchens, and local kopitiams shape Singapore's food history? In what ways was food a medicine and for whom? Why was the sea so central to feeding our island's culinary cosmopolitanism? Join scholars, students, and practitioners as they dive deep into Singapore's edible past, sharing stories about the history of our hungry city through this first of its kind workshop.

Cinema Reclaimed: Medicine and Modernity in Singapore Cinema - Body Puzzle

27 May • 08:00pm

SHF2021 brings you a lost film called Body Puzzle directed by Laurence Ma Yuk-Fai. It stars actors from Singapore and Hong Kong. Brace yourself for a rather visceral and quirky movie!

Soy Sauce Across Asia: Tradition, Taste, and Technology

27 May • 07:00pm

You probably have this in your pantry. It is, after all, the glue that ties together most Asian dishes. Join us for a panel discussion where experts will detail the differences in soya sauce production within Asia and help untangle the history behind our go-to umami sauce!

Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Kueh Kosui (Digital Edition)

23 May • 04:00pm

Nothing tempts us more than a wobbly dessert like kueh kosui ensconced in fresh flakes of grated coconut. In this virtual programme, learn how to make the soft, pudding-like Peranakan dessert in this cooking class and impress family and friends at your next gathering!

Workshop: Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

23 May • 02:00pm

23 May • 03:00pm

23 May • 04:00pm

Learn how to create your own personalised Aloe Vera hand sanitisiter in this workshop and bring it home to protect your loved ones!

Fermentation in Local Food Heritage

9, 23 May • 03:00pm • Mandai Foodlink

Witness for yourself the process of fermentation at a local brewery and come away with skills to make your own tempeh! Explore how the science of fermentation has elevated our local cuisine over the centuries in this workshop by local start-up Starter Culture.