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Travel and Tourism Heritage: Where are you local?

A collection of essays, art and other media featuring people and places around Singapore drawn from The Birthday Book Jr. main collection.

A Ride Through Our Cultural Precincts

14 - 15, 21 May • 06:00pm

14 - 15, 21 May • 06:30pm

14 - 15, 21 May • 07:00pm

14 - 15, 21 May • 07:30pm

Join us on a trishaw ride around different cultural precincts in Singapore!

Wheels On The Bus: Bee One Happy Family

7 - 8, 14, 21 - 22, 28 - 29 May • 11:00am • Bee Amazed Garden

Bzz.. would you like to be a friend of the bees? For this edition of Wheels on the Bus, we explore the theme of natural heritage through the art of beekeeping culture at Bee Amazed Garden. Bee Amazed is a local and unique farm that’s not only a tourist destination but the perfect place for family bonding. In this interactive tour, you will get to learn all about the behaviour of honey bees in Singapore and learn to differentiate what a good honey is.