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Ride & Discover

Ride and discover the rich history of Singapore’s travel & tourism, and natural heritage in our everyday commute.

Sacred Bearers and Overgrowth by Geraldine Toh (The Ochre Home) and Paper Carpenter

6 May • 10:00am • Asian Civilisations Museum

Lose yourself in a fantasy natural world painted by local artist Geraldine Toh, of The Ochre Home. Snap a shot with the lush landscape made from paint and paper, then spot the creatures featured in the artwork within ACM’s galleries on your journey today!

Sonic Journeys: An Audio Experience by Chong Li-Chuan

2 May • 10:00am • Asian Civilisations Museum

Embark on a sound expedition, via an evocative audio experience by artist and composer Chong Li-Chuan. Taking inspiration from our nature-themed objects, these audio compositions will send you off on a historical and cultural journey across Asia (in the ACM galleries).

Sustainable Fashion and Natural Heritage Dialogue Session

7 May • 04:00pm • NAFA Campus 1

The Sustainable Fashion and Natural Heritage Dialogue Session is an informal sharing led by local fashion professionals and heritage experts. Moderated by an arts student, participants will explore the intersections between local sustainability movements and what we perceive natural heritage to represent.

Sustainable Fashion Workshop

6 - 8 May • 05:00pm • NAFA Campus 1

7 - 8 May • 11:00am • NAFA Campus 1

7 - 8 May • 02:00pm • NAFA Campus 1

The Sustainable Fashion Workshop is a fun, compact activity geared towards families with young children. Incorporate creative art, textile, and raw material elements, participants get to create personalised clothing using old tees.

“The Capitol of Singapore” Film Premiere & Screening

6 May • 07:00pm • Capitol Theatre

7 May • 05:00pm • Capitol Theatre

Directed by French filmmaker Raphaël Millet, “The Capitol of Singapore” documentary chronicles Capitol Theatre’s legacy since its founding in 1930 and its role in Singapore’s cultural, architectural and cinematic history.

The Great Voyage: Air-dry Clay Boat Family Workshop by WahSoSimple

14 - 15 May • 02:00pm • Asian Civilisations Museum

Imagine what it was like to voyage across the great seas like the traders of the past, as you create your very own sailing boat with air-dry clay. Then, use your clay boat to sail across Asia in ACM’s galleries!

The Sights & Sounds of Dragon World

Dongnan Zheng (Dayneson), a former sound technician at the 1990s Haw Par Villa Dragon World theme park, ignited our interest and imagination and gave us a window into a long-gone world held together by an ensemble of dancers, actors, painters, and other crew members, through his soundscape of memories.

The Wild and Wonderful Docent Guided Tours

14 - 15, 21 - 22 May • 02:00pm • Asian Civilisations Museum

14 - 15, 21 - 22 May • 03:00pm • Asian Civilisations Museum

Learn about critters, creatures, and the natural world through our collection as you traverse the forests and sail across rivers (in your mind) in the ACM galleries with guided tours by the Museum Volunteers.

Through Nature: A BBB Edition

The Through Nature Mini-Documentary takes its viewers on a journey through the beating heart of Singapore's Bras Basah.Bugis Precinct. With vibrant, striking visuals accompanied by informational storytelling, the video serves to educate its viewers on both the BBB of today and its origins.