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Relive the stories that connect us

3 - 30 May 2021

Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) 2021 adopts a thematic approach this year and invites you to explore, embrace, and experience stories of our food culture and healthcare practices, and keep our shared heritage alive.

Look forward to fun workshops, food trails, guided tours, museum visits, interactive digital content, and special programmes. Enjoyed our programmes? Tell us what you think about the festival through a simple survey here and get a $5 Grab Food Voucher.

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Behind Our Farms - A Video Documentary

Traverse land and sea in this deep dive of the nation’s various farming operations. The documentary features Hay Dairies, Kin Yan Agrotech and Ah Hua Kelong.

Food Is Medicine – An Ayurvedic diet

Sometimes described as the “mother of all healing”, Ayurveda is a centuries-old Hindu system of medicine and nutrition. Catch Vasanthi Pillay from the Ayurveda Association of Singapore and Chef S R Bala from Indian Chefs & Culinary Association (ICCA) as they shed light on the Ayurvedic diet through a food demonstration.

Local Flavours

Explore our enticing menu prepared by Singaporean writers and illustrators in this poetic celebration of well-loved hawker dishes! This eclectic selection offers a mix of cuisines and fun poetic styles, featuring 15 poems carefully paired with stickers and illustrations!

My Journey as a Millennial Growing Up in Clan Associations

29 May • 10:00am • 25 Ann Siang Road

What goes on behind the “closed doors” of clan associations? How are they relevant to youth today? Hear from lion dancer and pugilist Lynn Wong, a millennial who grew up in not just one, but several clan associations!

The Hungry City: Singapore's Food History

27 - 28 May • 10:00am • Yale-NUS [Virtual only]

How did colonial-era slaughterhouses, Cold War kitchens, and local kopitiams shape Singapore's food history? In what ways was food a medicine and for whom? Why was the sea so central to feeding our island's culinary cosmopolitanism? Join scholars, students, and practitioners as they dive deep into Singapore's edible past, sharing stories about the history of our hungry city through this first of its kind workshop.

Nanyang Tea Challenge Digital Edition

30 May • 01:30pm

Watch and vote in your favourite tea buffs as they challenge each other to creatively present and pair Nanyang tea with hawker food in this digital edition of the Nanyang Tea Challenge!

Community Association Series: Javanese Jamu

Boost your immunity with this take on an ancient tonic recipe brewed by the Javanese of centuries past. This episode will also cover the health benefits of kunyit asam (a turmeric and tamarind tonic) and halia rempah (a ginger spice).

Scott's Emulsion: The Journey Of The Man With A Fish On His Back

In the mid-20th century, tuberculosis and infant mortality were rampant in Singapore. In the search of a remedy, Singaporeans were introduced to a liquid vitamin — Scott’s Emulsion. This essay aims to show how despite its foul taste, Scott’s Emulsion wormed its way into the hearts and subconscious minds of Singaporeans.

Food Fables: CindeRilla

Author-educator Suzannah Chua who has a deep passion for books, will relay the fictional story of CindeRilla who must learn how to prepare a dish in time for a potluck party hosted by her new neighbour.