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HOMEGROUND: We Built This City

1 - 30 Jun • 10:00am • National Museum of Singapore Lawn

Step into the vibrant tapestry of Singapore's architectural heritage at "HOMEGROUND: We Built This City", an exhibition paying homage to the nation's rich built heritage

'Monument-al' Memories

11 - 26 May • 10:00am

It is a blast from the past, with historical scenes of the museum waiting to be discovered.

Discover the Singapore Education Story with MOE Heritage Centre

6 - 25 May • 12:00pm

MOE Heritage Centre showcase Singapore's Education Story from the early 19th century to the present.

Appreciating the Architectural Moments of SCCCI over the Past Century

20 - 25 May • 09:30am

Enjoy a session of sensory display of how the SCCCI building maintain its stature of a century year old building. View through the eyes of the architect and avid photographers as they display the unique angles of the SCCCI building.

Lenses of the Past Heritage Exhibition

Rediscover the past through a larger-than-life lens and travel back in time to uncover the significance and history behind the architectural landmarks at Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES.

Ride & Discover: Built Heritage (SHF)

Ride and discover Singapore's rich built heritage in our everyday commute.

Siding Spring and Plains of Notations

Explore vibrant and abstract sculptures at the ACM Green, where inspiration from frames, doorways, motifs, and intricate patterns discovered among the objects on display at ACM comes to life.

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry Chinese Business Culture Hub Visit (SCBCH)

20 - 25 May • 10:00am

Immerse into the artefacts that showcases the establishment of SCCCI that evolve with the history of Singapore. Unguided tour to explore the vast historical moments that the Chamber has experienced together with the events that build Singapore as a nation.