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Resources on our Rich Sporting History

Discover Singapore's rich sporting heritage through the resources provided by the National Library Board. Trace the evolution of sports from colonial times and celebrate the achievements of our sports legends who will inspire the next generation of Singaporean athletes.

Running A Business In "Singapore's Sports Mall": Recollections Of Queensway Shopping Centre’s Sports Retailers

Singapore’s sports scene comprises more than just athletes and their coaches. The local sporting ecosystem also consists of event organisers, allied health practitioners as well as suppliers who provide athletes with the gear they need for their sport. This photo essay looks at the origins of Queensway Shopping Centre’s close association with sports apparel and equipment, as well as its contribution to Singapore’s sports heritage.

Singapore River: Once There Were Many Bumboats

27 - 28 May • 09:00am • Asian Civilisations Museum

Join local author Tina Sim on a leisurely walking tour along the banks of the Singapore River. Participants will be transported back in time to learn about how the river played in Singapore’s development as a nation.

Singapore River The River that Brings Us Life with Sarah Ang

27 May • 01:30pm • Asian Civilisations Museum

Learn about the amazing Singapore River Clean-up, and experience the sights, smells, and activities that took place on the Singapore River in this interactive storytelling with author Sarah Ang. Participants will also make a bumboat craft during the session.

Sis, Where’s My Car? with Strawberries Inc

13 - 14 May • 12:00pm • Peranakan Museum

Go on an epic interactive tour of two siblings feuding over their grandfather’s favourite car. In this journey, they reminisce their childhood with their grandparents in their Peranakan home through songs, witty banter, and some games along the way.

Storytelling Sessions: Hargai Warisan Kita: Kisah Dina dan Bahqer

27 May • 04:00pm • National Museum of Singapore

Join Sharil Samri in his bilingual storytelling session where he will share a story titled, 'Hargai Warisan Kita: Kisah Dina dan Bahqer'!

Storytelling Sessions: Max & Robbie's Magical Train Ride

7 May • 11:00am • National Museum of Singapore

Join storyteller Wei Teng as she shares some of the challenging situations faced by Max and his friend Robbie, and the acts of thoughtfulness that helped make their journey a smooth one.

Storytelling Sessions: Race

Join Rani Kanna in her bilingual storytelling session on the race that happens between three animal friends!

Storytelling Sessions: Two Good Friends

Join storyteller Wong Swee Yean in this bilingual storytelling session whre she shares about two young children learning about the different modes of transportation (car, bicycle, bus, train) as they are determined to travel long distances to meet up.

Story Time on a Bumboat! with Hafiz Rashid

27 - 28 May • 11:00am • Singapore River

27 - 28 May • 01:00pm • Singapore River

27 - 28 May • 04:30pm • Singapore River

Enjoy a 40min boat ride and soak in the sights and sounds of the Singapore River as local storyteller Hafiz Rashid shares tales from the past.