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Our Food Culture and Healthcare Practices

Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Chwee Kueh

15 May • 10:00am • Chinatown

Chwee kueh, topped with little gems of sweet and savoury cai poh (preserved radish), is one of a number of distinctly Singaporean breakfast dishes! Attend our hands-on cooking workshop to make your own steamed rice cake set!

Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Kueh Kosui (Digital Edition)

23 May • 04:00pm

Nothing tempts us more than a wobbly dessert like kueh kosui ensconced in fresh flakes of grated coconut. In this virtual programme, learn how to make the soft, pudding-like Peranakan dessert in this cooking class and impress family and friends at your next gathering!

Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Ondeh Ondeh (Digital Edition)

16 May • 04:00pm

Want to impress at your next party? In this virtual programme, learn how to make ondeh ondeh, a delicate and incredibly tasty Peranakan tea-time treat in this hands-on cooking workshop!

[Cancelled] Learn to Cook Our Heritage Food: Vadai

29 May • 10:00am • Chinatown

Learn the art of making fluffy yet crispy vadai – a savoury golden-brown fritter from India – in this cooking workshop by Food Playground!

Legacy of a former Hainan Village—A Peek into the Ethnobotanical Plants of Thomson Nature Park

Thomson Nature Park is one of the latest additions to the five buffer parks around the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. Being a former Hainan village back in the 1930s, it harbors not only rich heritage but also many plant species that have ethnobotanical uses in food, medicine and culture.

Life And Home In A Traditional Medical Hall

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years and gradually found its way to Singapore. What are the typical tools used in a Traditional Chinese Medical hall? Find out more about the rare antiques and practices at this particular medical hall – Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall which has been operating since 1957. Catch a glimpse of the lifestyle and character of the business owners through these objects and items.

Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health

3 - 30 May • 10:00am

Responding to traditional healing practices across different ethnicities and cultures, three contemporary artists present newly commissioned digital artworks.

Local Flavours

Explore our enticing menu prepared by Singaporean writers and illustrators in this poetic celebration of well-loved hawker dishes! This eclectic selection offers a mix of cuisines and fun poetic styles, featuring 15 poems carefully paired with stickers and illustrations!

Masks of Singapore

3 - 4, 11 - 12 May • 10:00am • National Museum of Singapore

Community-Heritage Mask Making Workshops To Raise Self Awareness and Self Expression Locally.

Maw-numental Changes: Past and Present of Fish Maw

Is fish maw a luxury food item restricted to the tables of the wealthy, or has the status of this prized delicacy changed over time?