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Travel & Tourism Heritage and Natural Heritage

ACM Travel Essentials Kit

6 May • 10:00am

Equip yourself with an ACM Travel Essentials Kit and discover more of the natural world! Be one of the first few to complete The Wild & Wonderful: Adventure Trail Booklet for Families to claim your very own kit.

Natural Heritage of Bukit Batok

2 May • 12:00am

Inspired by the Gombak Norite formation, 4 students from Bukit Batok Secondary School hope to showcase the area’s unique natural heritage and how it has shaped the memories and identity of the community which resides there.

Singapore’s Natural Heritage: Are we doing enough to safeguard its future?

20 May • 07:00pm • Online/ NUS Kent Ridge Campus, Lecture Theatre 27

Despite unabated urbanisation throughout Singapore’s history, our biodiversity remains surprisingly resilient. Join our panellists as we discuss how our natural heritage is crucial to our survival as a nation, and how we can all play a part to safeguard it.