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Our Food Culture and Healthcare Practices

Memories On A Plate

Watch Memories On A Plate social documentary series that features Singaporeans and their intimate stories and memories of food. The series will feature personal family histories and collective heritage from a Hokkien grandfather, migrant workers from South India, a Malay grandmother and her grandson, a chef with a hawker background and more.

Miniature Food Showcase

3 - 9, 11 - 23, 25 - 31 May • 10:00am • Little India

Come on down to IHC for a rare visual feast of over 100 food items based on Indian cuisine. Spot your favourite dishes from vegetarian dishes to local delights such as Prata, Mee Goreng, and Indian Rojak!

Modern Malay Cooking with Shamsydar

Put on your chef’s hat! Modern Malay cuisine advocate Chef Shamsydar Ani will be sharing with you two of her family’s go-to recipes – ibu’s boujee rendang minang and ayam lemak chilli padi – in this cooking demonstration.

Montage 2021: Change

8 - 27 Jun • 12:00am • Across Singapore

Montage 2021 was conceived to reach out to the photographic community in Singapore by providing them a stage to showcase their talent. It also aims to encourage people from all walks of life to pick up photography as a mode of expression and communication and raise awareness of the capacity for photography to engage others through the stories told.

My Holland Village Virtual Tour

15 - 16 May • 10:00am

Follow us on this virtual tour to trace the evolution of Queenstown's colourful social history from a rubber plantation to a bustling military village and a reowned expatriate centre!

My Journey as a Millennial Growing Up in Clan Associations

29 May • 10:00am • 25 Ann Siang Road

What goes on behind the “closed doors” of clan associations? How are they relevant to youth today? Hear from lion dancer and pugilist Lynn Wong, a millennial who grew up in not just one, but several clan associations!

My Kueh Story - A Story of Love That Began with Kueh

15 May • 11:00am • The Salon @ the National Museum of Singapore

What began as a thoughtful gift, jumpstarted Gladys's journey to learn and sell her own range of kuehs online! Hear her interesting story as she shares her recipes of our favourite kuehs.

Nanyang Tea Challenge Digital Edition

30 May • 01:30pm

Watch and vote in your favourite tea buffs as they challenge each other to creatively present and pair Nanyang tea with hawker food in this digital edition of the Nanyang Tea Challenge!

Nasi Ambeng

Commonly served during Javanese family events, Nasi Ambeng has become an important dish in Javanese food culture and identity in Singapore. Overtime, this dish has weaved its way into becoming a visible and prominent dish in the wider Malay food cuisine in Singapore.

Ritual to Table: Nasi Ambeng as Culinary Heritage

29 May • 02:00pm

Learn more about nasi ambeng and other Javanese dishes in this talk.