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Our Food Culture and Healthcare Practices

Nasi Ulam Embok Embok (Traditional Peranakan Rice Salad)

Generations of Peranakans have enjoyed this flavourful and elaborate rice salad tossed with aromatic herbs. In the days of old, preparing this laborious dish was a favourite time of the day when the nyonyas or embok embok would gather together to cook and gossip at the same time!

Necessary Ingredients

Explore the histories and traditions of ingredients and cooking methodologies that have persevered to the present day.

Open Business @ Heng Foh Tong

16 May • 02:00pm • Bukit Batok

An intimate online theatre about the journey of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Singapore brand. Shared by three generations of Host Storytellers and co-created with Theatre Today.

Open Business @ Malayala Ayurveda Vaidyasala

16 May • 11:00am • Serangoon

Immerse yourself in an intimate online theatre experience and discover the origin story of one of Singapore’s oldest Ayurveda clinics with a history dating back to 1932!

Otak-otak: Wrapped Up With The Region

Otak-otak has been wrapped up in a number of regional interactions across time, such as innovations in technology and trade disruptions due to the global pandemic. Through these interactions, the way otak-otak is sold has changed and will likely continue to morph in alignment with future needs and trends.

Our Medical Journey

8 May • 11:00am • Gallery Theatre @ National Museum of Singapore

Come and join us as local photographer Bob Lee recounts his experience of capturing the day-to-day life of a nurse in this unprecedented times.

Our Roots and Foods: Singapore’s Centuries-Old Toisan Heritage

Join Wong Ah Fook’s great-granddaughter Mrs Vivienne Tan as she reconnects with her roots by learning how to cook localised Toisan dishes from Mdm Chin Lai Yin, honorary chairperson of Singapore’s oldest locality clan association Ning Yeung Wui Kuan.

People's Museum

Explore this virtual showcase of the personal stories and memories in the history of Singapore's healthcare.

Picturing the Pandemic: A Visual Record of COVID-19 in Singapore

Through 272 photographs, a short film and 16 donated artefacts on display, this exhibition offers a glimpse of the diverse lives of fellow residents as they adapt to the "new normal"

Prata Making Workshop

8 - 9 May • 10:00am • City Hall

8 - 9 May • 11:00am • City Hall

Have fun in this interactive and hands-on experience to uncover beyond taste, how our local favorite food, prata comes about and the making of it!