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Our Food Culture and Healthcare Practices

Project Teahouse: Play From Home

Here’s your chance to try out various heritage-inspired online games from the comfort of your own home! With just a few clicks of the mouse you will be able to learn how to make chicken rice; help an elderly hawker work out; and even sell ice-cream from a cart!

Quiz Night: In Sickness and In Health

20 May • 08:00pm

Know your ginseng from your ginger, and your turmeric from your tamarind?
In this fun quiz night, put your knowledge of traditional healing practices to the test, and stand to win attractive prizes!

Ray Bans: A Look Into Sambal Stingray

There was a point in time where sambal stingray went from a “trash fish” to a local favourite. This got me curious to find out how this came about. I attempt to describe the entire supply chain from harvesting to consumption.

Relive Food Heritage at Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES

3 - 30 May • 10:00am • City Hall

Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES celebrate Singapore’s food culture with a wide array of local dishes and an exciting food festival and façade projection featuring your favourite hawker dishes!

Rice-Dumplings: The String

Wonder how local rice dumplings can bring Singaporeans closer together over the years? Watch this video to find out more!

Ride & Discover

29 - 26 May • 10:00am

Ride and discover the rich history of Singapore’s healthcare landmarks and food culture in our everyday commute.

Salt Of The Earth: Salt And Salt-Preserved Foods From Past To Present

Salt is one of the most essential and yet overlooked commodities in Asian food culture. This photo essay traces the evolution of salt production and consumption over the decades, following the trajectory of this ingredient from its humble backgrounds to the elevated position that it currently occupies in high cuisine.

Sambal Stingray - Assembling Ingredients Into A Portrait Of Island Southeast Asia

A juicy slab of ray meat, a beautifully charred banana leaf, red-hot fragrant sambal, and cincalok dipping sauce with a fresh calamansi lime: this is the iconic sambal stingray. More than just a quintessential Singaporean hawker dish, this essay shows presents sambal stingray as a culinary portrait of Southeast Asia.

Sauce Appreciation Workshop @ Nanyang Sauce Brewery

8 May • 10:00am • Jurong

Can you taste the difference between sun-fermented and chemically-produced soya sauce? Put your palate to the test at artisan brewery Nanyang Sauce!

[Cancelled] Sauce Making Workshop @ Nanyang Sauce Brewery

22 May • 09:30am • Jurong

Make and take home your own bottle of soya sauce in this hands-on session with Nanyang Sauce brewery! You’ll also get to learn the secrets behind the factory’s organically fermented artisan brew from third-generation owner Ken Koh.