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Travel & Tourism Heritage and Natural Heritage

Singapore’s Natural History in 3 Plants

7, 14, 21 May • 09:30am

7, 14, 21 May • 10:30am

7, 14, 21 May • 02:30pm

Explore the history of three cash crops in Singapore through a garden tour and take part in a workshop to learn sustainable ways of living to help preserve Singapore’s natural heritage.

Book Trips

2 May • 12:00am

Can’t travel literally? Travel literary! Rediscover Singapore’s attractions through the eyes of local writers.

MasterCraft: Conversations and woodworking workshops with Roger&Sons

7 May • 10:00am • Jalan Besar

7 May • 11:30am • Jalan Besar

7 May • 02:00pm • Jalan Besar

7 May • 03:30pm • Jalan Besar

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of conversations about The Local Tree Project and woodworking workshops! Sharing the process behind the craft of turning local wood into products and furniture in Singapore, you will also produce your very own pair of wooden chopsticks and pencils through our workshop experience!

Do trees grow on money?

Do trees grow on money? Well, in fact, they do! Join students from River Valley High School in reading this audiobook to find out more about our natural heritage in our currency!

MasterCraft: Ketupat Weaving with Anita Tompang

21 - 22, 28 - 29 May • 11:00am • National Museum of Singapore

Just in time with the Hari Raya season, celebrate with us in this ketupat weaving workshop to learn the skill of ketupat weaving!

Blue Pea Wonder Workshop

21 May • 01:30pm

Inspired by the exquisite blue pea flowers, this 2.5-hour culinary and craft workshop in Pasir Ris is centered on appreciating the butterfly pea plant, or Clitoria ternatea, that is native to Asia and known for its healing properties.

Helmed by artist Carlyn Law and educator Janna Hussain - two neighbours who bonded over the blue pea, this unique workshop will take participants back to the days of the kampong where they can harvest a variety of blue pea flowers, lemongrass and pandan leaf from the home garden to the kitchen table.

MasterCraft: Rangoli Making with Vijaya Mohan

21 - 22, 28 - 29 May • 02:00pm • National Museum of Singapore

Have fun in this interactive and hands-on experience to uncover beyond the robust of colours, how and what is involved in making rangoli!

MediaCorp Channel 8 Tuesday Report: The Beauty of Tenacity

Featuring two women researchers, one who worked on the Raffles Zoological Collection forty years ago, and the other a staff of LKCNHM today, we see how they are united in their love for biodiversity and research.

Walking Tour at Pioneers Trail – Rediscovering Telok Ayer and Ann Siang Hill

8, 15, 22, 29 May • 10:00am

Catch a glimpse of how life was like for Singapore’s early immigrants around a quiet enclave of Chinatown. At the same time, marvel at the towering trees that dot the area, and the stories they tell.

Heirloom Stories

‘Heirlooms Stories’ reconnects us with our natural heritage through foraging and distilling our own narratives. Walk on the mild side and hand-pick botanicals to create your own infusion. Share personal stories as you contribute to a mandala inspired by nature.