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A Journey with Singapore Turf Club: Past to Present – Behind-the-Scenes Raceday Tour

14 May • 11:00am • Singapore Turf Club

Singapore Turf Club (STC) celebrates 180 years of racing, sports and recreation. Go behind-the-scenes and see the action on and off the tracks. Experience the sport of horse racing and its rich history while gaining exclusive access to the races.

A Journey with Singapore Turf Club: Past to Present - STCRC Equine Experience

21 May • 10:00am • Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre

Singapore Turf Club (STC) established the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre (STCRC) in 2010 to make horse riding accessible to the public.Gain a first-hand experience in grooming and feeding a horse on an exclusive stable tour then a leisure horse ride in STCRC’s world-class arena.

Bukit Timah Turf Club Walking Tour

20 May • 10:00am • Bukit Timah Turf Club

20 May • 01:00pm • Bukit Timah Turf Club

Join us on the walking tour and explore one of Singapore’s more unusual 20th century modern landscapes replete with vast lawns and lush greenery - recently earmarked for future redevelopment.

DBS Sailing At The Bay

Live more and be inspired by Marina Bay’s transformation over the years! Hop on board our DBS sailboats and discover historical trivia about iconic waterfront landmarks and transport modes in the past, while enjoying Singapore’s skyline from the water.

From 2023 to 1887: A Museum Journey

20 - 21 May • 10:00am • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

20 - 21 May • 01:00pm • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

20 - 21 May • 04:00pm • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

Join us on a journey from the National Heritage Board’s most recently-reopened museum to its oldest. In celebration of the board’s 30th anniversary and the new Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0, these special guided tours will offer a tantilising slice of Singapore’s heritage through visits to the Peranakan Museum and the National Museum of Singapore.

Singapore River: Once There Were Many Bumboats

27 - 28 May • 09:00am • Asian Civilisations Museum

Join local author Tina Sim on a leisurely walking tour along the banks of the Singapore River. Participants will be transported back in time to learn about how the river played in Singapore’s development as a nation.

Sis, Where’s My Car? with Strawberries Inc

13 - 14 May • 12:00pm • Peranakan Museum

Go on an epic interactive tour of two siblings feuding over their grandfather’s favourite car. In this journey, they reminisce their childhood with their grandparents in their Peranakan home through songs, witty banter, and some games along the way.

Story Time on a Bumboat! with Hafiz Rashid

27 - 28 May • 11:00am • Singapore River

27 - 28 May • 01:00pm • Singapore River

27 - 28 May • 04:30pm • Singapore River

Enjoy a 40min boat ride and soak in the sights and sounds of the Singapore River as local storyteller Hafiz Rashid shares tales from the past.

The Nanyang Spirit Through the Years: People, Progress and Productivity

The Nanyang Spirit Through The Years: People, Progress and Productivity audio tour explores the seven-decade history of the land that the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) sits on today, through examining the heritage of seven sites imbued with legacies from the past.

A Kristang Tour of MRT Stations with Kevin Martens Wong

6 May • 05:00pm • Esplanade Station Exit E

Join Kevin Martens Wong on a linguistic heritage tour of select MRT stations that have significant ties to Eurasian and Kristang history, as he expounds on the deeper meanings of the Kristang names.