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Travel & Tourism Heritage and Natural Heritage

ACM Travel Essentials Kit

6 May • 10:00am

Equip yourself with an ACM Travel Essentials Kit and discover more of the natural world! Be one of the first few to complete The Wild & Wonderful: Adventure Trail Booklet for Families to claim your very own kit.

BreadTalk Group Food Trail 2022

3 May • 12:00am • Islandwide

Experience the world with different heritage-inspired food dishes at BreadTalk Group’s F&B brands. Travel, Eat & Stamp your way to win attractive prizes!

Lecture Series: Little Indias of Singapore

7, 14 May • 02:00pm

Over the course of two lectures, Lakshmanan Subbiah will speak about the Little Indias of Singapore and provide an overview of the various Indian settlements that have existed in Singapore in the past.

Cinema Reclaimed

15, 22 May, 5 Jun • 02:00pm • Oldham Theatre

15 May • 05:00pm • Oldham Theatre

29 May • 01:30pm • Oldham Theatre

Join us for a series of curated film screenings and a live dialogue session the men behind the second edition of Cinema Reclaimed. They will shed light on their chosen theme of travel & tourism.

Indian Heritage Centre Drop-in Activities

2 May • 10:00am

For the young and the young-at-heart — try your hand at simple craft activities related to the theme of travel in the context of Little India!

Fun with Chinese Activity Kit: Xiao Qing & Transportation

2 May • 10:00am • Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

A bilingual activity kit for parents to engage their little ones at home to learn more about the different modes of transportation in the past.

Makanan Kami, Cerita Kami (Our Food, Our Story)

15, 21, 29 May • 07:00pm • The Black Sampan (New Bridge Road)

Hosted by Firdaus Sani, the founder of Orang Laut SG and Orang Pulau/Laut descendant, this intimate session is an introduction to the rich cuisine and lesser-known stories of the ex-islanders who used to live on Pulau Semakau.

Marantau Baliak Ka Alam: A Randai performance produced by Kaum Collective

20 May • 08:30pm • Malay Heritage Centre

This Randai performance will serve as a reminder of our foundational connection and interdependence with nature – to realise what we have taken for granted. The performance shall incorporate dance, music and poetic dialogue with also elements of educational anecdotes to help audiences to understand the story as well as the art of Randai.

Morning with a Veteran Frame Maker

8 May • 10:00am • Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre

Mr Yoosuf, who has been showcased in the Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) 2022 video, will be sharing his story in person at NDIMHC. He will also be conducting a live demonstration on how to build a frame for the typical poster/ A4 photograph.

My Life Journey

22 May • 10:00am • Nagore Dargah Indian Muslim Heritage Centre

Retiree Mr Ninar Pillai Ibrahim, who is his eighties, will be sharing his life journey and how he settled in Singapore from Thucklay in Tamil Nadu.