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ArClab: 3D Laser Scanning in Heritage Conservation

5, 12, 19, 26 May • 10:30am

Take the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience with 3D laser scanners and walk away with a greater understanding of how 3D laser scanning technology aids in documenting and conserving the historic fabric.

ArClab: Heritage in Motion Tour

4 - 5, 11 - 12, 18 - 19, 25 - 26 May • 10:00am

Take a walk through the Architectural Conservation Laboratory (ArClab) and Blair Plain conservation area, where we look at built heritage's past, present, and future in the ever-evolving Singapore’s urban landscape.

Maritime Evolution Trail

12, 26 May • 10:00am

Join our thrilling 2.5-hour Maritime Evolution Trail, tracing Singapore’s modern maritime industry from Labrador Park to St James Power Station. Explore dynamic Keppel Harbour, strategic St James Power Station, and hearing inspiring stories of our port infrastructure.

'Monument-al' Memories

11 - 26 May • 10:00am

It is a blast from the past, with historical scenes of the museum waiting to be discovered.

Gillman Barracks – The Final Battle for Singapore

4, 11, 18, 25 May • 05:00pm

A one-hour walking tour of Gillman Barracks (GB)’s history – before the war, during the war and post war. Shattering some common myths about the war.

Unveiling South Beach Singapore: From Military Might to Modern Marvel (Mocktail Included)

4, 11, 18, 25 May • 05:00pm

March through the hallowed grounds of the former Beach Road Camp and embark on a captivating tour of South Beach. Here, history whispers from the restored buildings, and art comes alive. Uncover fascinating stories behind these architectural gems.


11, 18, 25 May • 02:30pm

11, 18, 25 May • 04:30pm

Are you up for an adventure? One that sparks curiosity with every turn and ignites anticipation with every step. Well, say no more. Join us on a mystery tour and the only catch is … we won’t tell you where you're going.

Rediscover the Nation's Rich History (Guided Tour)

25 May • 02:00pm

The guided tour takes place within a heritage building which used to be a barracks during WW2. Participants will immerse themselves and be part of Signapore's history. Uncover the little red dot's origin and how it developed over the years.

Discover the Singapore Education Story with MOE Heritage Centre

6 - 25 May • 12:00pm

MOE Heritage Centre showcase Singapore's Education Story from the early 19th century to the present.

ArClab: Decorative Tiles Hands-on Cleaning Workshop

4, 11, 18, 25 May • 10:30am

Ever wondered how historic tiles stay bright and beautiful even after decades of use? Take up the opportunity to gain hands-on experience cleaning decorative tiles.