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Travel & Tourism Heritage and Natural Heritage

A Virtual Journey to Christmas Island

2 May • 10:00am

1,330 kilometres southwest of Singapore in the Indian Ocean lies Christmas Island, a quaint little island with historic ties to Singapore. Join the researchers at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum in a delightful virtual journey exploring the biodiversity at the island!

An Aviation Journey

Jerome Lim

A Virtual Journey to Pulau Satumu

2 May • 10:00am

Join the researchers of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum as they survey the biodiverse shores of Pulau Satumu, the picturesque, southernmost island of Singapore!

Natural Heritage of Bukit Batok

2 May • 12:00am

Inspired by the Gombak Norite formation, 4 students from Bukit Batok Secondary School hope to showcase the area’s unique natural heritage and how it has shaped the memories and identity of the community which resides there.

Hospitality and Tourism — Then, Now, and The Future!

22 May • 10:00am

As the hotel industry recovers from the effect of the pandemic, we look back at the early days of Singapore tourism when the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board (STPB) was setup to enhance the attractiveness of Singapore as a tourist destination.

Birds of Paradise: Memories of Jurong Bird Park

Come join us on a journey to Jurong Bird Park as we dive deeper into the lesser-known facts of Asia' largest bird paradise!

Community Association Series: Who Are We?

7 May • 12:00am

Who Are We? is a hosted series that follows our host on a journey to find out how different ethnic groups preserve their traditions as she attempts to make sense of her cultural identity in modern day Singapore. In each episode, the host learns about the challenges in keeping such cultural practices alive as she picks up a traditional skill from the craftsmen who fight toe and nail to keep them alive.

Streets, Trees, and Street Names

Discover the tree-related roads and districts in Singapore, and find out more about how these namesakes look like!

Place Names and Singapore’s Natural Heritage

Get a glimpse into Singapore's past landscape and natural heritage in this digital talk!

Families of Changi Airport

Join us as we hear the stories from the staff of Changi Airport on the landmark's evolution and how it has continued to be a second home for them.