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Travel & Tourism Heritage and Natural Heritage

Lecture Series: Little Indias of Singapore

7, 14 May • 02:00pm

Over the course of two lectures, Lakshmanan Subbiah will speak about the Little Indias of Singapore and provide an overview of the various Indian settlements that have existed in Singapore in the past.

Capitol Singapore & CHIJMES Guided Heritage Tour

Uncover the hidden stories behind prominent heritage spots at Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES through a guided walking tour

Lecture-demo Workshop on Shophouses in Little India

14 - 15 May • 02:00pm

This lecture-demonstration workshop will provide participants insights into the history and heritage of the shophouses in Little India, while also providing them the opportunity to construct their very own Lego shophouse.

Cinema Reclaimed

15, 22 May, 5 Jun • 02:00pm • Oldham Theatre

15 May • 05:00pm • Oldham Theatre

29 May • 01:30pm • Oldham Theatre

Join us for a series of curated film screenings and a live dialogue session the men behind the second edition of Cinema Reclaimed. They will shed light on their chosen theme of travel & tourism.

Cinema Reclaimed: Temptations of Travel - Film Locations

As part of their Cinema Reclaimed season for Heritagefest, which is themed aroud travel and tourism in films made in Singapore, researchers and writers Ben Slater and Toh Hun Ping have put together a map of key locations from the films from their film selection.

Civic District Tour

14 - 15 May • 04:00pm • Civic District

Join our volunteers in an insightful tour through Singapore’s historic Civic District!

Reconnect with Clay, Dragon Kiln and Nature!

21 - 22, 28 - 29 May • 11:00am

Experience the magic of clay and art while discovering the rich history of the longest existing dragon kiln in Singapore. Or simply reconnect with nature.

Streets, Trees, and Street Names

Discover the tree-related roads and districts in Singapore, and find out more about how these namesakes look like!

Place Names and Singapore’s Natural Heritage

Get a glimpse into Singapore's past landscape and natural heritage in this digital talk!

Families of Changi Airport

Join us as we hear the stories from the staff of Changi Airport on the landmark's evolution and how it has continued to be a second home for them.