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Drive Through the Armenian Street

13 - 14 May • 10:00am • Peranakan Museum

Get fast and furious at the Peranakan Museum for this year’s Singapore Heritage Festival. Explore the galleries through exciting drama performances, listen to stories about the driver who raced in the Singapore’s first Grand Prix and be enthralled by a showcase of classic cars along Armenian Street.

From 2023 to 1887: A Museum Journey

20 - 21 May • 10:00am • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

20 - 21 May • 01:00pm • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

20 - 21 May • 04:00pm • National Museum of Singapore & Peranakan Museum

Join us on a journey from the National Heritage Board’s most recently-reopened museum to its oldest. In celebration of the board’s 30th anniversary and the new Our SG Heritage Plan 2.0, these special guided tours will offer a tantilising slice of Singapore’s heritage through visits to the Peranakan Museum and the National Museum of Singapore.

Get Crafty! Bead a Classic Car Keychain

13 - 14 May • 12:00pm • Peranakan Museum

Get imaginative and create your own beaded vintage car keychain using perler beads, inspired by the classic cars parked along Armenian Street!

Let's Race: Create a Box Car Workshop

13 - 14 May • 02:00pm • Peranakan Museum

Ready to race? In this workshop, create a life-sized cardboard box car and decorate it to match your personality. Then, use your car to “race” down Armenian Street!

Sis, Where’s My Car? with Strawberries Inc

13 - 14 May • 12:00pm • Peranakan Museum

Go on an epic interactive tour of two siblings feuding over their grandfather’s favourite car. In this journey, they reminisce their childhood with their grandparents in their Peranakan home through songs, witty banter, and some games along the way.

Zoom to the Past with Classic Car Club Singapore

13 - 14 May • 10:00am • Armenian Street Park

Take a stroll down picturesque Armenian Street and feast your eyes on classic cars and motorcycles on display, brought to you by Classic Car Club Singapore. Interact with the owners and discover the stories behind these vehicles. For one weekend only!