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Haunted History: Armenian Street - Fort Canning

17, 24 - 25 May • 08:00pm

Explore the hidden stories beneath the veneer of modern Singapore, where tales of ghostly encounters have been passed down through generations. Embark on a walking tour starting at the Peranakan Museum, where we will share haunting tales of the area around Armenian Street and Fort Canning Hill.

Make it! Peranakan Museum Lantern

24 - 25 May • 05:00pm

Create and decorate a lantern inspired by the Peranakan Museum’s beautiful façade. Bring it along as you explore the heritage sites around Armenian Street and witness the district’s transformation as the sun sets.

Sunset Screenings: Movies at Armenian Street

24 - 25 May • 06:00pm

Get your picnic basket ready for an evening of screenings, taking place for the first time at Armenian Street Park.
Experience Singapore’s vibrant building heritage as you watch short films and movies produced in Singapore.