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As Good As Green: Art Exhibition in a Heritage Building

4 May • 02:00pm
4 May • 11:00am

Visit the beautiful art deco building hosting EHL Campus, learn about the history of this place and discover As Good As Green an art exhibition encompassing artworks which celebrates Singapore as a garden city and the questions the risks of mass tourism with the example of Bali.


Saturday. 4 May | 11am, 2pm

Venue: EHL Campus, Singapore, 3 Lady Hill Road
Meeting Point: Building Lobby
Fee: $5 / pax

As Good As Green: Guided tour by Marie-Pierre Mol, curator of the exhibition (includes a short presentation of the architecture and history of the building) As Good as Green is a group exhibition by Emi Avora (Greece), Catherine Delmas- Lett (France), Kyaw Htoo Bala (Myanmar), Gede Sayur (Indonesia/Bali) and Andy Yang (Singapore).

This show encompasses artworks using a colour palette dominantly green to celebrate Singapore’s success in managing its development as a modern and highly urbanized city, while protecting its greenery.

There are hundreds of green hues available as paint and pigments for the artists and the selection of artworks shows that various green palettes create a refreshing and soothing effect. Beyond the beauty of the artworks, the exhibition is an invitation to reflect on our responsibility to protect our environment. While Singapore is an example in the region as a Garden City, Myanmar dilapidates her natural resources. With the example of Bali, this exhibition also questions the risks of mass tourism and the challenges for the hospitality industry. Sustainability is not just an idealistic vision, it is an engine of economic growth. Green can be the new gold!

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