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Tour of Istana Heritage Gallery

13, 15, 17 May • 10:00am

13, 15, 17 May • 03:00pm

The Gallery captures the history of Istana's transition from the Colonial Governor's House to its present role as the Official Residence of the President. Embark on a learning journey with us to discover the history and heritage of the Istana!


11, 18, 25 May • 02:30pm

11, 18, 25 May • 04:30pm

Are you up for an adventure? One that sparks curiosity with every turn and ignites anticipation with every step. Well, say no more. Join us on a mystery tour and the only catch is … we won’t tell you where you're going.

Unveiling South Beach Singapore: From Military Might to Modern Marvel (Mocktail Included)

4, 11, 18, 25 May • 05:00pm

March through the hallowed grounds of the former Beach Road Camp and embark on a captivating tour of South Beach. Here, history whispers from the restored buildings, and art comes alive. Uncover fascinating stories behind these architectural gems.

Vanishing Craftsmen (@Jalan Besar)

4, 11 May • 10:00am

Take a walk through one of Singapore's oldest residential estate as you discover Jalan Besar's old school buildscape and meet craftsmen in the estate.

World Red Cross Day - Red Cross Open House

11 May • 10:00am

11 May • 10:30am

11 May • 11:00am

11 May • 11:30am

11 May • 01:00pm

11 May • 01:30pm

11 May • 02:00pm

11 May • 02:30pm

Tour the historic Red Cross House, built in 1961 and gazetted as a conservation building in 2014. Discover more about Singapore Red Cross’ humanitarian services, hear heartfelt stories on their works and experience a hands-on first aid demonstration!