Tours & Trails

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Raffles Lighthouse Tour

11, 25 May • 12:00pm

Embark on an unforgettable 5-hour Raffles Lighthouse Tour, with the first hour at the Singapore Maritime Gallery. Cruise through the vibrant Singapore Strait, witness majestic ships, and explore the iconic Raffles Lighthouse. Immerse yourself in its rich history and heritage gallery for a captivating maritime adventure. Join us for an unforgettable journey at sea!

A Taste of Outfield Camp: Heritage in a Mess Tin

18, 25 May • 10:30am

Soldiers, fall in! Join us on a journey of discovery and rediscovery where you get a taste of an outfield camp experience. Then, prepare for a ‘route march’ to SAFTI Military Institute, where you get some insights about the rich traditions and heritage of the SAF, from its passing out parade to going up the iconic SAFTI Tower in this unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

DBS Sailing at The Bay

2 - 5 May, 6 Jun, 7 - 19 May • 12:00pm

Be inspired by Marina Bay’s transformation over the years! Hop on board our DBS sailboats and discover historical trivia about iconic waterfront landmarks and transport modes in the past, while enjoying Singapore’s skyline from the water.

Our Storied Past: Heritage Tour and Afternoon Tea

Explore the storied heritage and architecture of The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore and unravel the rich history behind CHIJMES’s National Monuments. Indulge in a bespoke afternoon tea experience at the hotel before the tour, featuring Singapore’s most well-loved local delicacies.

Rediscover the Nation's Rich History

An immersive journey that takes place within a heritage building which used to be a barracks during WW2. The unique time-travel experience covers the rich and colourful past of Singapore. Uncover the little red dot's origin and how it developed over the years.

Rediscover the Nation's Rich History (Guided Tour)

25 May • 02:00pm

The guided tour takes place within a heritage building which used to be a barracks during WW2. Participants will immerse themselves and be part of Signapore's history. Uncover the little red dot's origin and how it developed over the years.

Sentosa Heritage Trail

The Sentosa Heritage Trail will be the 22nd national heritage trail co-created with SDC and endorsed by the National Heritage Board as part of their ongoing efforts to document and present the history and social memories of places in Singapore.

Sketchwalk at Capitol Singapore and CHIJMES

Love to sketch? Join us for a sketchwalk at CHIJMES Hall and Capitol Theatre and bring these iconic landmarks to life through the strokes of a pen.

World Red Cross Day - Red Cross Open House

11 May • 10:00am

11 May • 10:30am

11 May • 11:00am

11 May • 11:30am

11 May • 01:00pm

11 May • 01:30pm

11 May • 02:00pm

11 May • 02:30pm

Tour the historic Red Cross House, built in 1961 and gazetted as a conservation building in 2014. Discover more about Singapore Red Cross’ humanitarian services, hear heartfelt stories on their works and experience a hands-on first aid demonstration!