Nanyang Tea Challenge Finals

Join us for the final round of the Pek Sin Choon Nanyang Tea Challenge and watch the 8 finalists express their creativity, using Nanyang tea blends with food pairings you may not have thought of before. Tune in to this live stream and vote for your favourite tea challenger to become the champion of this 3rd edition of the Nanyang Tea Challenge.

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About Pek Sin Choon Pte.Ltd

Pek Sin Choon has a history of almost 100 years in Singapore as both a wholesaler and retailer of tea leaves. The company is the first to blend the Classical Nanyang Tea using the Southern and Northern Fujian tea species.  It is one of the few remaining tea merchants in Singapore that blends its own tea leaves using traditional methods.For more information on Pek Sin Choon Pte Ltd, visit

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