Learn to Cook our Heritage Food - Session 3: Samosa

Date: 4 July
Time: 3.30 PM - 5 PM

In this hands-on virtual cooking class, we will guide you through the traditional techniques of cooking up heritage Singapore snacks from soon kueh to epok-epok and samosa at the comfort of your own home! So, even in this difficult COVID-19 pandemic situation, you can still hone your cooking skills and learn more about our food heritage.

Session 3: Samosa 

Samosa is a mouth-watering Indian snack well-loved by many people in Singapore, especially during festive occasions. Learn how to make these much-loved and tastefully packed triangles filled with potatoes in a few simple steps.

Registration closing date: 3 July 2020 (Friday), 2.30pm Register in link below!

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Food Playground is a cooking school offering both online and in-person cultural cooking classes and corporate team building workshops since 2012. Being a social enterprise, we provide flexi-work employment opportunities for stay-at-home mothers and active seniors who otherwise have limited avenues to return to the workforce by empowering these women through structured training to develop them into confident culinary instructors and corporate workshop facilitators.

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