Eat Play Love @ Pasir Ris

The idyllic beach-front setting and relatively removed location of Pasir Ris has shaped its identity as a holiday resort town. It is where Singaporeans go to get away from it all. Many Singaporeans would probably have memories of going to Pasir Ris for class chalets and family picnics. Older Singaporeans might even remember the exclusive beach resorts and the extravagant cabarets that used to take place here in the 60s and 70s.

This seaside resort theme is built into the DNA of Pasir Ris town. Join us on this tour that is curated by a long-term resident of Pasir Ris. We will find out more about the town's history as we walk along the gorgeous coastline, through the serene parks and lush mangroves, and of course, dining at our favourite makan places.

About Indie Singapore

The tourist guides at Indie Singapore strongly believe Singapore is a city that has something for everyone. Some of the most fascinating things about the island can be found just off the well-beaten track. We are first and foremost Singaporeans, so we do like to tap on our common cultural memories to showcase the things that make us Singapore. Whether you are a local, long-term expat, or just visiting for a little while, join us, as we show you our Singapore! 

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