Dear Tanjong Pagar

Stories from the past are relived in the present through the lens of our imagination. Dear Tanjong Pagar weaves the tales of rickshaw coolies treading the streets; nurses of St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital caring for poor women and children; teachers of Umar Pulavar, Singapore’s first Tamil-medium high School; opera singers hailing from popular opera theatre, Lai Chun Yuen; and the Baweanese community of Pondok Peranakan Gelam Club; into a chronicle of everyday heroes. 

Each tale is a blend of multiple voices and stories while the fantastical, surreal imagery of animals in the guise of humans encourages explorers to form their own impression of the past. Each of these anthropomorphic tales depict triumph, resilience and hope; shedding light on moments in our history that remind us how we arrived to where we are today whilst inspiring us to create a just and meaningful future.

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Sweet Tooth is Cake’s outreach division. Sweet Tooth creates and curates performances, workshops, events and fun-filled experiences made especially for our communities. Celebrating stories, the wonders of the imagination and the spirit of creativity in every person, Sweet Tooth reaches out anywhere and everywhere, bringing the arts into the spaces and places where anyone and everyone can gather for a special artistic encounter that could be just around the corner, or a surprising journey or a boundless adventure of self-discovery & expression.

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