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Life And Home In A Traditional Medical Hall

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been practiced in various forms for thousands of years and gradually found its way to Singapore. What are the typical tools used in a Traditional Chinese Medical hall? Find out more about the rare antiques and practices at this particular medical hall – Heng Foh Tong Medical Hall which has been operating since 1957. Catch a glimpse of the lifestyle and character of the business owners through these objects and items.

Maw-numental Changes: Past and Present of Fish Maw

Is fish maw a luxury food item restricted to the tables of the wealthy, or has the status of this prized delicacy changed over time?

Nasi Ambeng

Commonly served during Javanese family events, Nasi Ambeng has become an important dish in Javanese food culture and identity in Singapore. Overtime, this dish has weaved its way into becoming a visible and prominent dish in the wider Malay food cuisine in Singapore.

Nasi Ulam Embok Embok (Traditional Peranakan Rice Salad)

Generations of Peranakans have enjoyed this flavourful and elaborate rice salad tossed with aromatic herbs. In the days of old, preparing this laborious dish was a favourite time of the day when the nyonyas or embok embok would gather together to cook and gossip at the same time!

Otak-otak: Wrapped Up With The Region

Otak-otak has been wrapped up in a number of regional interactions across time, such as innovations in technology and trade disruptions due to the global pandemic. Through these interactions, the way otak-otak is sold has changed and will likely continue to morph in alignment with future needs and trends.

Ray Bans: A Look Into Sambal Stingray

There was a point in time where sambal stingray went from a “trash fish” to a local favourite. This got me curious to find out how this came about. I attempt to describe the entire supply chain from harvesting to consumption.

Salt Of The Earth: Salt And Salt-Preserved Foods From Past To Present

Salt is one of the most essential and yet overlooked commodities in Asian food culture. This photo essay traces the evolution of salt production and consumption over the decades, following the trajectory of this ingredient from its humble backgrounds to the elevated position that it currently occupies in high cuisine.

Sambal Stingray - Assembling Ingredients Into A Portrait Of Island Southeast Asia

A juicy slab of ray meat, a beautifully charred banana leaf, red-hot fragrant sambal, and cincalok dipping sauce with a fresh calamansi lime: this is the iconic sambal stingray. More than just a quintessential Singaporean hawker dish, this essay shows presents sambal stingray as a culinary portrait of Southeast Asia.

Scenes from Tekka: Indian Muslim Hawkers Hard at Work

Indian Muslim hawker stalls are commonplace in Singapore. Their innovative dishes are a staple, but what does it take to produce consistent and quality food day in and day out under sweltry conditions? At Tekka Centre, which has the record highest number of Indian Muslims stalls under one roof, the guardians of Indian Muslim food heritage share their daily experiences.

Scott's Emulsion: The Journey Of The Man With A Fish On His Back

In the mid-20th century, tuberculosis and infant mortality were rampant in Singapore. In the search of a remedy, Singaporeans were introduced to a liquid vitamin — Scott’s Emulsion. This essay aims to show how despite its foul taste, Scott’s Emulsion wormed its way into the hearts and subconscious minds of Singaporeans.