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Cinema Reclaimed: Temptations of Travel - Film Locations

As part of their Cinema Reclaimed season for Heritagefest, which is themed around travel and tourism in films made in Singapore, researchers and writers Ben Slater and Toh Hun Ping have put together a map of key locations from the films from their film selection.

Northeast Hinterland Thoughts about Land Custodianship in Singapore

Northeast Hinterland is a series of nocturnes in Punggol, when sleep and sight are paradoxical, when the land’s histories, mythologies and legacies play hide-and-seek with the past, present and future of its custodianship. “Hinterland”, from the German word hinter, refers to a remote area beyond metropolitan, cultural centres, beyond the visible or known.

The Sights & Sounds of Dragon World

Dongnan Zheng (Dayneson), a former sound technician at the 1990s Haw Par Villa Dragon World theme park, ignited our interest and imagination and gave us a window into a long-gone world held together by an ensemble of dancers, actors, painters, and other crew members, through his soundscape of memories.