Trades and Occupations in Tanjong Pagar

Listen and embark on a virtual walk around Tanjong Pagar as we pay homage to the history of early immigrants and our ethnic diversity. Located between the docks and the town, the area was a hub of activity from dock workers, rickshaw pullers and merchants. While Tanjong Pagar today has transformed into an area populated with cafes, bars and boutiques, there are still legacies of these communities that can be seen.

You may explore the Google Map link above or our playlist below.

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ArtBeatz specialises in creating large-scale artworks that unite individuals and foster community engagement with art, with the aim of creating an open platform and spurring endless possibilities. Through these collaborative projects, art becomes a common language, transcending differences, and connecting and inspiring people from all walks of life. The podcast is presented through a joint collaboration with youth volunteers, who lent their voices to narrate the stories of the different precincts in an engaging way.

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