Open Business @ Ji Xiang Confectionery

Date: 20 June
Time: 1 PM - 1.45 PM


Open Business @ Ji Xiang Confectionery invites you to an intimate sharing by Kelvin Toh, the second generation of one of Singapore’s most well-known ang ku kuehs (red tortoise cake) family brands. How did the traditional food transform to become such a popular snack?


How did the Everton Park Ang Ku Kueh business grow to become a household name? What does one need to do to keep the business going in challenging times? Come spend the afternoon with Kelvin to find out! 


Open Business is an intimate theatre concept by Jeffrey Tan. Specially created for the Singapore Heritage Festival 2020.


About Ji Xiang Confectionery

A winner of multiple awards, including the Green Book Best Food Awards and the Slow Food Singapore Heritage Hero Award, Ji Xiang Confectionery (吉祥食品, 吉 meaning ‘luck’ and 祥 meaning ‘prosperity’) has been a mainstay of Block 1 Everton Park since it opened in 1988. Specialising in the traditional Chinese pastry ang ku kuehs (red tortoise cake), this family-run business is one of the first stalls in Singapore to introduce new flavours beyond the traditional peanut and sweet bean paste – today selling a total of eight exciting flavours. For more information about Ji Xiang Confectionery, please visit their website

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