Letterpress Printing and the Typesetting Process

Date: 4 July
Time: 2 PM – 4 PM

Letterpress printing, the main commercial method of printing, has been in Singapore since 1823. Join Yao Yu, letterpress educator as he talks about the history and demonstrates the process of the different area of the printing method. You will learn more about poster printing with movable wood types with selected quotes voted by the public from their Instagram live-stream (@yao_u). 

About Typesettingsg

Typesettingsg began as a personal project in that aimed to preserve and promote traditional letterpress in Singapore, with a sole focus on movable types for all printings. The studio was established in early 2014 as an educational hub to share this form of printing and its history with a wider audience as well as the design community. We conduct various type of letterpress workshops, letterpress talk, exhibition and rental of our studio press for individuals or communities who are interested in letterpress printing and its history. A member of the International Association of Printing Museums. For more information about Typesettingsg, you may wish to visit their instagram account (@yao_u).

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