Kallang: The View from Fire City

Getting to know a neighbourhood is akin to making a new friend you learn things about and while away the time with. Neighbourhoods have history peppered with stories. Neighbourhoods have distinct characteristics and quirks. Neighbourhoods, like friends go through ups and downs and change.


We hope for you to embark on a friendship with Kallang, a surprising neighbourhood with a colourful history and many different sides – which friend can boast tales about the thrill of a gasworks, the zaniness of a wonderland amusement park, the pure joy of a happy world, the strength of a police coast guard, the soaring heights of an airport and the endless charm of a kampong? Kallang can! So enter and discover more.


But before you do, how about re-discovering yourself and connecting with your own perspectives on life by taking a little quiz that playfully leads you to a specific view of Kallang before you navigate in your own good time, the various exciting sides of this neighbourhood once nicknamed Fire City.


Enjoy the discovery with a new friend, Kallang.


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