Kallang: Highways, Byways and Waterways

The Kallang area has undergone a tremendous amount of transformation over the course of its history, which dates back as early as the 17th century. Its coastlines and riverbanks have shifted, landmarks have been built up and torn down, and communities have come and gone.

On this tour, we move from the intersecting arteries of Nicoll Highway and its MRT station to the Golden Mile of Beach Road. We then follow the Rochor and Kallang Rivers on our way to the newest developments around the Kallang Basin. Our journey will uncover stories about people, places and ways of life that have already vanished or may soon disappear, while also looking forward to future plans and possibilities.

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Kallang - A Trailblazer

Kallang has a history of pioneering developments in Singapore, be it the tentative steps into the global economy or technological innovations like street lighting and aviation.

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