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[Cancelled] Spice Paint Making Session

22 May • 10:30am • Little India

Learn about spices such as turmeric, chili, cinnamon, and ginger and discover how to make them into paints suitable for drawing and painting in this interactive drop-in session by artist Susanna Tan.

[Cancelled] Spices In My Curry

22 May • 01:30pm • Yishun

22 May • 03:00pm • Yishun

22 May • 04:30pm • Yishun

Make your own spice mix under the guidance of spice man Jeya Seelan! Mr Seelan will also take you on an aromatic journey tracing the origins of spices commonly used to flavour our local dishes.

[Cancelled] Workshop: Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

23 May • 02:00pm

23 May • 03:00pm

23 May • 04:00pm

Learn how to create your own personalised Aloe Vera hand sanitisiter in this workshop and bring it home to protect your loved ones!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Hand-printed Scented Herb Health Card

22 May • 02:00pm

22 May • 03:30pm

Card with scented prints on it? Join us in this workshop to learn cool printing techniques and create your very own collection on scented prints!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Lavender Wax Sachet

22 May • 10:30am

22 May • 11:30am

22 May • 12:30pm

Feeling stressed? Take this time to attend this aromatherapy workshop where you get to create your own Lavender Wax Sachet!

[Cancelled] Workshop: Stitch Your Own TCM Handbook

23 May • 10:30am

23 May • 11:30am

Ever wonder how books are binded? Join us in this workshop to assemble your own TCM Handbook!