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Herbs for Health

Did you know that the Nanyang Technological University has a Herb Garden which grows over 200 species of plants? Join us as we dip our toes into the wealth of knowledge about our local herbs and plants from the men on the ground themselves!

Home Museum

Vintage food moulds spanning the globe. Cooking utensils used by nyonyas. A collection of Southeast Asian blades such as the keris (an asymmetrical dagger). Three local collectors will be showcasing highlights from their "home museums" in this special interview series.

Memories On A Plate

Watch Memories On A Plate social documentary series that features Singaporeans and their intimate stories and memories of food. The series will feature personal family histories and collective heritage from a Hokkien grandfather, migrant workers from South India, a Malay grandmother and her grandson, a chef with a hawker background and more.

Modern Malay Cooking with Shamsydar

Put on your chef’s hat! Modern Malay cuisine advocate Chef Shamsydar Ani will be sharing with you two of her family’s go-to recipes – ibu’s boujee rendang minang and ayam lemak chilli padi – in this cooking demonstration.

Necessary Ingredients

Explore the histories and traditions of ingredients and cooking methodologies that have persevered to the present day.

Our Roots and Foods: Singapore’s Centuries-Old Toisan Heritage

Join Wong Ah Fook’s great-granddaughter Mrs Vivienne Tan as she reconnects with her roots by learning how to cook localised Toisan dishes from Mdm Chin Lai Yin, honorary chairperson of Singapore’s oldest locality clan association Ning Yeung Wui Kuan.

Rice-Dumplings: The String

Wonder how local rice dumplings can bring Singaporeans closer together over the years? Watch this video to find out more!

Scene and Heard: Concoction

Let poet Marc Nair engage your senses and brew you a soothing tale about one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) – in this spoken word performance

Scene and Heard: How to move a Hospital

Inspired by the relocation of a maternity ward from the junction of Stamford Canal and Victoria Street to the Kandang Kerbau area, artist Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips shares with us what it means to move a hospital in this spoken word performance.

Scene and Heard: National Campaign Rap

Tune in for a rap centred on Singapore’s colourful yesteryear health promotion campaigns, in what promises to be a riveting performance by artists Marc Nair and Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips.