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Wheels On The Bus: Go Green, Go Buggy! Insect Farm Tour

by Insectta
7, 14, 21, 28 May • 10:00am

Tour Singapore's first insect farm as you learn more about food waste, insect farming, and sustainability! This tour is suitable for participants of all ages. Get ready to get your hands grubby!

11AGo Green Go Buggy Insect Farm Tour 1

Wheels On The Bus: Go Green, Go Buggy! Insect Farm Tour

Dates & Time:

Sat, 7 May | 10am to 11.15am

Sat, 14 May | 10am to 11.15am

Sat, 21 May | 10am to 11.15am

Sat, 28 May | 10am to 11.15am


Venue: Insectta, 60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375

Fee: $20 per pax | Up to 15 pax per sessionn



Every participant signed up via SHF will get a free packet of edible veggie seeds to bring home after this special edition of the tour!


An insect farm right in the heart of Singapore?! That's right, Insectta is Singapore's first black soldier fly farm located in the middle of Queenstown, Singapore.


Curious to find out more about how an insect farm works? Now you can get right into the heart of the action with our farm tour! You will get to learn more about the superheroes of our insect farm: the black soldier fly, try your hand at insect farming activities, and learn how insect farms are revolutionizing sustainable agriculture.


End your tour with a fun chicken feeding activity!


Highlights of the tour include:

  • Tour Singapore's first black soldier fly farm and learn more about the day in the life of an insect farmer - right next to millions of live insects!
  • With 7 highly interactive stations to visit, you can be sure that every moment you spend at Insectta will have all your senses engaged!
  • Perfect for mixed aged groups, this tour is designed to delight young and old with easy to understand explanations of the science and heart behind insect farming
11BGo Green Go Buggy Insect Farm Tour 2


Welcome to Insectta, Singapore’s first insect farm. Here, millions of black soldier flies work everyday to valorise Singapore’s food waste, transforming them into valuable materials for us to use again. Join us as we learn more about the circular economy and how the littlest of creatures – insects! – are making the biggest impact on our environment.

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