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Treasures From Our Forests

by Ethos Books
21 May • 10:30am

What is in a forest? Drawing on Forest School Singapore, the global earth education movement and indigenous knowledge, Diana Rahim, Darren Quek and Angela Ferguson explore the ways in which we can rekindle our connection with our natural heritage.

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What is in a forest? How can knowledge systems foster greater care for our earth? Join Diana Rahim, Darren Quek and Angela Ferguson in conversation as they explore the ways in which we can rekindle our connection with our natural heritage.

Drawing on Forest School Singapore and the global earth education movement, Darren Quek and Angela Ferguson will discuss eco-literacy and its role in emphasising transition virtues to prepare the next generation for a climate-changed world. Diana Rahim will be sharing about her family's traditional medicinal oil recipe "minyak lam" that was gleaned from intimate knowledge of the forest and passed down by the women in her family. 

The event will be streamed live on Ethos Books' Facebook page.

About the Speakers
Angela Ferguson grew up in the U.S. and spent seven years in Singapore, first as a student at Yale-NUS College and then as a climate resilience researcher. She recently served as a Senior Coach at Forest School Singapore, where she helped facilitate a weekly session for children ages 4 to 7.

Darren Quek is the Principal of Forest School Singapore. He found out about Forest School, after years of being in the education industry, as instructor for sports, camp and various enrichment. He began his Forest School journey understudying Atsuko Yamamoto (a Japanese Forest School Leader). He is also a certified Forest School Level 3 Practitioner, by the UK Open Awards Certification Body. All the experiences led him to the realization that bringing nature learning into a human being's life is the key to living, as nature is the root of all our existence.

Diana Rahim is an editor, writer and occasional visual artist currently working in a non-profit organisation. Her present work across mediums have focused on the politics of public space, the human experience and relationship with the environment, and issues pertaining to Muslim women in Singapore. She has three cats and too many books to read.

About the Moderator
Woo Qiyun is a Singaporean environmentalist and self-taught doodler. Trained in sustainability, she combines her technical expertise with colourful graphics to break down the complexities behind one of the most existential issues of our time on Instagram (find her online at @theweirdandwild). She's also currently building a creative platform, Climate Commons, where her interdisciplinary team explores novel ways to communicate our changing world.

Ethos Books

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