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This is What We Eat At Home - An Online Photo Exhibition

by 3Pumpkins
7 - 30 May • 10:00am • Boon Lay

Follow six unique youths from culturally diverse backgrounds as they embark on a mission to document their families’ go-to home-cooked meals in a bid to preserve their heritage. Join us as we take you on a digital exhibition through the heartland of Boon Lay to view the uplifting stories of these youths.

This Is What We Eat At Home

Using mealtimes at home as a starting point, six children and youths from varied cultural backgrounds had embarked on journeys to discover and document their family histories.

The efforts of the Tak Takut Kids Club members culminate in an online photo exhibition. Visit their website to hear their stories of self-discovery, view photographs through their own unique perspectives and take home multicultural recipes to try out on your own.

The endeavour to put together the showcase is especially meaningful as the young creators generally hail from single-parent households or homes with ailing grandparents and busy working parents. In the face of these various challenges, these family units had nonetheless set aside time to come together to safeguard their cultural heritage.

Apart from this online exhibition, you can also support and participate in this programme by purchasing your very own This Is What We Eat At Home Food Journal! Use this journal to sketch and document your meals. It consists of over 20 exciting prompts to guide you through your food documentation processes and is lovingly made by the community at Tak Takut Kids Club. To find out more you may visit 3Pumpkins on their website.

About the club
Tak Takut Kids Club is an arts-based youth centre located in Boon Lay. It was initiated by a community arts company, 3Pumpkins, and is intended to serve as a safe and happy space to develop a sense of belonging and purpose among its members.

Ariel Nour Nadeera Ishika, Mdm Chua
Lee Wen Cong Lucas, Lim Lye Thiam
Mohamad Aaron Rizqi, Mohamad Noor
Muhammad Sulaiman, Asmidar
Sakthivel Shoban, Shoban’s Family
Zay Linn Htet, Grace Yin Thandar Aung

Creative Producer: Lin Shiyun
Project Manager: Ajriani Asrul
Photography Mentor: Larry Toh
Exhibition Designer: Huang Suhuai
Music Composer: Zai Kuning
Facilitator: Farez Najid
Digital Lead: Cheryl Gan
Production Support: Abigail, Afiqah, Amanda, Imran, Jed, Laura, Li Xie, Ruby, Shaiful, Stephanie, Uncle Francis and Tak Takut Kids Club


3Pumpkins is a non-profit arts company developed with a vision to build stronger communities through inclusive arts-based platforms that connect and build positive relationships.

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