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Scents, Senses and Sensibilities - A Javanese Approach to Wellness

by Malay Heritage Centre
30 May • 04:30pm

Learn about the common types of jamu and how you can prepare them at home.

The Kitchen as Pharmacy

In the past, access to doctors was limited. Many societies developed remedies for common ailments from nature. Some of the most common plants used in cooking have medicinal properties. In Java, knowledge of plants and herbs for making remedies gave birth to the jamu. In this talk, learn about the common types of jamu and how you can prepare them at home.

About Heritage Weekend @ MHC
For this year’s SHF, discover the richness and benefits of Malay cuisine and traditional Malay health practices. Drop in and ask our community partners about their food culture, learn about jamu and post-natal care or sign up for our food trail with Khir Johari and sample the wonderful flavours of Kampong Gelam.


Malay Heritage Centre

The Malay Heritage Centre (MHC) is housed in the former Istana Kampong Gelam, which was gazetted as a National Monument in 2015. The centre showcases the history, culture and contributions of the Malay community within the context of Singapore’s history and multi-cultural society. MHC’s permanent galleries focus on the history of Kampong Gelam and feature an array of artefacts from the National Collection and the Malay community. Through its exhibitions and programmes, the Centre aspires to be a vibrant destination of historical and cultural significance for both Singaporeans and international visitors. The Malay Heritage Centre is a heritage institution managed by the National Heritage Board. More information on MHC may be found at this website

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