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Sustainable Fashion and Natural Heritage Dialogue Session

by Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
7 May • 04:00pm • NAFA Campus 1

The Sustainable Fashion and Natural Heritage Dialogue Session is an informal sharing led by local fashion professionals and heritage experts. Moderated by an arts student, participants will explore the intersections between local sustainability movements and what we perceive natural heritage to represent.


Sustainable Fashion and Natural Heritage Dialogue Session
Date & Time:
Sat, 7 May | 4pm to 5pm

Venue: Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Campus 1
Fee: Free with registration

Come join the NAFA Youth Panel team as they take you on a journey to explore the close intersection between the topics of Natural Heritage and Sustainable Fashion in a local context. In close conversation with two established speakers from Singapore’s fashion industry, a meaningful discussion of SHF’s theme, Natural Heritage, and how it remains relevant in the fashion industry will transpire. This dialogue session will take participants on a slow walk through what Natural Heritage is, followed by a sharing of each speaker’s experience and background before taking a deep dive into the topics at hand. This hybrid programme will allow visitors to tune in from home or onsite. At the end of the session, attendees are also invited to be part of this discourse by joining in the Q&A session.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Established in 1938, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is Singapore’s pioneer arts institution. The academy is known for its rigorous and high-quality curriculum, innovative and practitioners-led teaching approach, diverse artistic creations and community outreach.

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