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Stories of Our Natural Heritage: Articles & Resources by National Library Board

by National Library Board

Explore our rich natural heritage via resources provided by the National Library Board.


Explore our nation’s rich natural heritage via these available resources provided by our friends at the National Library Board. Interrogate the changing relationship between humans and environment, and discover fascinating facts about Singapore as a garden city, including its horticulture, parks, water bodies, and the story behind our very own national flower.

BiblioAsia, Apr – Jun 2021: The Nature Issue

Since the 19th century, nature in Singapore has been collected, studied, categorised and exploited. However, there have also been efforts to understand, protect, conserve and nurture. The changing relationship between humans and environment is the focus of this April – June 2021 BiblioAsia issue.


Cover of BiblioAsia, Apr - Jun 2021

Garden Smart

Garden Smart highlights key resources on horticulture, parks and gardens in Singapore. These resources give practical ways to be aware of what are growing in and around the lush greenery in our garden city. Information on plant identification, selecting plants, vertical and skyrise gardening and plant care give advice and guides to gardeners and nature lovers. There is also an added section on folklore, legend and cultures related to plants and flowers. Click here to read the article.


Victorian-styled bandstand, surrounded by a rim of yellow rain trees, in Singapore Botanic Gardens, 2009.
Credit: Little Red Dot Collection, PictureSG, National Library, Singapore

Green and Blue

The green and blue spaces in Singapore take many forms. They range from biodiversity-rich nature reserves such as Labrador Park and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to regional, town and neighbourhood parks as well as waterbodies including rivers and reservoirs that serve as social gathering and recreational spaces for the local community. Connecting them is a network of cycling and jogging path that criss-cross the island. Known as the Park Connector Network, it brings nature even closer to the people thus making Singapore a truly “City in Nature”. Explore these spaces via Curiocity story maps here.


Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is Singapore’s first and only protected wetland nature reserve. Located along the northwest shore of Singapore, it has a rich biodiversity of plants, insects and wildlife such as mudskippers, wild boars and crocodiles.
Credit: Ministry of Information and the Arts Collection, courtesy of National Archives of Singapore

Blooming Lies: The Vanda Miss Joaquim Story

Is the Vanda Miss Joaquim a human-made hybrid or a happy accident? In this cautionary tale, Nadia Wright, Linda Locke and Harold Johnson recount how fiction becomes truth when it is repeated often enough. Click here to read the article.


A close-up image of the Vanda Ms Joaquim orchid, Singapore's national flower.
Credit: PictureSG, National Library, Singapore

National Library Board

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