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[Cancelled] Spices In My Curry

by Jeya Spices
22 May • 01:30pm • Yishun
22 May • 03:00pm • Yishun
22 May • 04:30pm • Yishun

Make your own spice mix under the guidance of spice man Jeya Seelan! Mr Seelan will also take you on an aromatic journey tracing the origins of spices commonly used to flavour our local dishes.

Spices In My Curry

Due to tightened safe management measures, this physical programme has been cancelled. We will be in touch with participants who had signed up, to arrange for full refunds.

Jeya Seelan has made numerous headlines for giving up a corporate job to preserve the long-held tradition of spice mixing.

Get up close and personal with the inspiring Singaporean who will share insights about his family’s heritage business. He will also speak on the histories and origins of spices commonly used in local food and teach you how to make your very own spice blend! What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your aprons on! 

Try to mix your own spice! Share it with us and tag us on our socials @sgheritagefest - we love seeing new contributions!


Spices In My Curry

Jeya Spices

Jeya spices is a 3rd generation run spice shop which has been around since the 1940s. For many years, creating and concocting fresh, aromatic spice mixes has been the pride and joy of Jeya spices. Today, Jeya Spices also houses many other groceries and plethora of goods from basmati rice to oil along with their other spices.

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