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Singapore’s Natural Heritage: Are We Doing Enough to Safeguard Its Future?

by Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum
20 May • 07:00pm

Despite unabated urbanisation throughout Singapore’s history, our biodiversity remains surprisingly resilient. Join our panellists as we discuss how our natural heritage is crucial to our survival as a nation, and how we can all play a part to safeguard it.

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Singapore’s Natural Heritage: Are We Doing Enough to Safeguard Its Future? 
Date & Time:
Fri, 20 May | 7pm to 8.30pm

Venue: LT27, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore or Zoom
Registration for on-site seminar:
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Singapore has an immensely rich natural heritage: as a tiny island situated within a megadiverse biodiversity hotspot, and with drastically reduced natural areas, we are still home to more biodiversity than most countries in Europe. Nonetheless, the resilience of our biological natural resources must not be taken for granted, as it is intimately tied to our survival as a nation.


Join our panellists as we explore how our colonial legacy, shifting socio-cultural biases and current infrastructural capabilities have shaped our attitudes towards nature, and discuss how individuals and groups–through the lens of Education, Civil Society and Science–can play a part to safeguard Singapore’s natural heritage.


Note: The first 50 registered participants for the on-site seminar will receive an exclusive goodie bag after the event! Limited to a redemption of one bag per sign-up. Walk-ins for the event are welcomed.


About Panellists:


Dr. Yuchen Ang | Museum Officer, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum; Lecturer, University Scholars Programme, NUS

Dr. Ang is an entomologist curator at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, primarily specialising in fly systematics (the science of describing species and exploring the biodiversity relationships and patterns between them). He is also the main curator of the Biodiversity of Singapore online portal - a national-level visual reference collection aimed at curating the nation’s biodiversity. Dr. Ang also teaches a biodiversity module at the University Scholars Programme, focused on developing students into enthusiastic naturalists with a sense of wonder and curiosity for the natural world.

Dr. Neo Mei Lin | Senior Research Fellow, Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS
Dr. Mei Lin NEO is a trained marine ecologist, whose research focused on the use of experimental approaches to studying the interactions of marine organisms with the marine environment. Mei Lin has been enamoured with the giant clams as her model species for the past decade, and remains steadfast in her mission to champion for their conservation in Singapore and the region. Mei Lin is also an avid science communicator of marine conservation issues in Singapore. She believes that science needs to be accessible to the public for it to generate societal awareness and impacts. Mei Lin’s work has also appeared in the highly popular TED Talks – “The fascinating secret lives of the giant clams” has received over 1.2 million views!

Mr. N Sivasothi | Senior Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, NUS
N. Sivasothi, a.k.a. ‘Otterman’ has been immersed in mangroves and wildlife for research, education and conservation at the National University of Singapore since the late 1980’s. He earned the moniker ‘Otterman’ through his work with otters in the 90’s and promotes youth development, public education and environmental stewardship. He coordinates NUS Toddycats, the International Coastal Cleanup Singapore, OtterWatch, as well as The Biodiversity Roundtable and The Biodiversity Friends Forum in partnership with NParks. He contributes his expertise actively in numerous wildlife conservation working groups, ground-up partnerships and close-door engagements to mitigate development impact, which seems endless! He is happiest now as an active proponent of habitat enhancement and community involvement through the One Million Trees movement in Singapore.

Dr. Andie Ang | Research Scientist, Mandai Nature; President, Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore)
Andie pursued her M.Sc. at the National University of Singapore studying the critically endangered Raffles’ banded langurs, before completing her Ph.D. at the University of Colorado Boulder working on the conservation of primates in Vietnam. She is currently a research scientist at Mandai Nature and the President of the Jane Goodall Institute (Singapore). She has received support and recognition from Wildlife Reserves Singapore, National Geographic Society, OCBC Grant for the Environment, American Society of Primatologists (2019 – Conservationist Award), Singapore Women’s Weekly (2019 - The Great Women of Our Time Award for Science and Technology), and Prestige (2018 – 40 under 40).

Ms. Kong Man Jing (MJ) | Co-founder, Just Keep Thinking
Kong Man Jing is the co-founder of Just Keep Thinking, a Science and Nature education channel that appeals to the mainstream audience through various media platforms and guided tours. She is an environmental biology graduate from NUS and has been in the science and nature industry since then, working with various government and private organisations. In addition, she was also a Science teacher and curriculum specialist for 3 years before transitioning to managing her channel full-time. With Just Keep Thinking, she hopes that the channel's "edutainment" content can reach out to a wide range of people through the power of social media.


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Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum is Singapore’s only natural history museum, and a leading institution in Southeast Asian biodiversity research, education, and outreach. 

Located at the National University of Singapore, over a million biological specimens, artefacts, field notes, drawings, and photographs from Southeast Asia are housed in its iconic rock-shaped building.

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