For Families Food

Sing Along - A Tummy Quest!

by Wigglepods Pte Ltd

Are you a foodie hoping to impart your love for local dishes to your young ones? This interactive sing-along by Wigglepods could kick-start your child’s very own food journey.


Discover more about our nation’s fabulous hawker food as we sing and move together while visiting a hawker centre – the communal dining room of all Singaporeans. This special video showcases three friends who are out looking to fill their hungry tummies with some of Singapore's most popular local dishes, can you guess what these dishes might be? Check out the video link here.

Click here to download our activity sheet.


What is your favourite hawker food? We would love to hear from you, share and tag us on our socials @sgheritagefest

Wigglepods Pte Ltd

Wigglepods' vision is to be a premier creative arts education company, bringing joy through the arts to children and adults. Managed and nurtured by a group of fun-loving individuals passionate about music, movement and education, Wigglepods strives to share positive experiences that inspire, empower and connect people.

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