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Scene and Heard: National Campaign Rap

by Singapore HeritageFest

Tune in for a rap centred on Singapore’s colourful yesteryear health promotion campaigns, in what promises to be a riveting performance by artists Marc Nair and Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips.

National Campaign Rap

Singapore has seen its fair share of health campaigns ranging from the promotion of heart health to dental hygiene. In this fun rap, artists Marc Nair and Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips pay tribute to memorable favourites and examine their impact on the populace.


About Marc Nair

Marc Nair is a poet who works at the intersection of art forms. He is currently pursuing projects that involve photography, movement and creative non-fiction. His work revolves around the ironies and idiosyncrasies of everyday life. He has published ten collections of poetry.


About Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips

Cheyenne Alexandria Phillips is a writer, performer, educator and Associate Artist with Checkpoint Theatre. She has written several plays and some of her work can be found in local anthologies. She is also a licensed tour guide.


Singapore HeritageFest

The Singapore HeritageFest (SHF) is the National Heritage Board’s signature annual outreach event that celebrates the many facets of Singapore’s diverse heritage and culture. SHF works with individuals, groups and communities to co-create programmes and offerings. This allows the festival to uncover lesser-known stories and narratives, engender a greater sense of ownership, and empower Singaporeans to safeguard and promote our shared heritage. The inaugural edition of SHF was staged in 2004, and since then, the festival has continued to provide on-site and online experiences with yearly themes that focus on different aspects of Singapore’s heritage.

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