[Cancelled] Remembering the Old Waterfront

by Preservation of Sites and Monuments (PSM)

Retrace the footsteps of our ancestors who landed on Singapore’s shores via the old waterfront, and join us in exploring the three ornate national monuments tied to their early days on the island!

Remembering the Old Waterfront

Due to tightened safe management measures, this programme has been cancelled. We will be in touch with participants who had signed up, to arrange for full refunds.

Amid the swanky towers of steel, glass and concrete lining our waterfront, lie forgotten stories of yesteryear. Uncover some of these lost moments in time as we explore a clutch of national monuments that hark back to our early years as a port city.

Among them:

1. The Yueh Hai Ching temple which sojourners of yesteryear visited to thank the Goddess of the Sea for safe travels. While there, look out for the temple’s stunning collection of ceramic figurines which portray legends and tales from beloved Chinese classics.

2. Lau Pa Sat – one of Singapore’s oldest markets. While there, check out its various Victorian cast-iron elements, its clock tower as well as its airy, octagonal structure.

3.The 1933 Clifford Pier. The pier was officially named after then Governor Sir Hugh Charles Clifford. Among locals, however, it was known as the Red Lamp Pier. This was in reference to a red oil lamp once used to guide seafarers.

Meet us at Yueh Hai Ching Temple to embark on this exciting journey! Registration link here.

Preservation of Sites and Monuments (PSM)

The Preservation of Sites and Monuments organises regular walking tours to our National Monuments and Historic Sites. Find out more about our monuments’ history and uncover the secrets of our past through tours led by our volunteer guides.

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