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People's Museum

by WY-TO

Explore this virtual showcase of the personal stories and memories in the history of Singapore's healthcare.

People's Museum

In partnership with Singapore HeritageFest 2021, WY-TO is co-curating the very first edition of The People's Museum, a virtual museum where your stories of Singapore's public healthcare sector will be featured on. We invite you to celebrate 200 years of medical history with us and share your experience and  stories through images of item such as photographs, illustrations, objects and documents as a contribution to being a part of the nation's social history! Be it a personal experience/interaction with a fellow patient or healthcare professional, or recount from a loved one who is or was in the Singapore public health sector, your contributions will give a voice to the stories of our everyday heroes in the healthcare sector.

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WY-TO are Museum Specialists based in Singapore and Paris, focused on the curation and display of art in Southeast Asia.The practice was established in 2010 by founder, Yann Follain, to leverage cultural exchanges, new forms of curation and synthesising disciplines for an integrative curatorial approach. Our knowledge has been built over multiple experiences developing and executing projects in various scales for clients in the artistic exhibition, gallery and museum sectors. At the core of WY-TO’s philosophy is our fundamental belief that Design Must Serve a Cause.

Our disciplined approach is rooted in research and strategy, and aims to develop timeless, durable environments with a strong focus on context and content as our driving methodology, beyond pure aesthetics. As sustainability advocates, we work to remain relevant in an age of economic, political and social uncertainties while improving social and environmental conditions, and preserving financial health. We continuously refine our design ideology to push boundaries and address distinct constraints. Our multicultural identity provides a unique perspective to how we develop iconic, experiential exhibitions and memorable artistic and cultural journeys. Ultimately, our mission is to develop inspired, thoughtful, long-lasting solutions.

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