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Our Heritage Stories: History of Wildlife Parks in Singapore

by Lim Tin Seng
15 May • 11:00am

Few people are aware that the island’s first public zoo was set up in 1875. Join librarian Lim Tin Seng as he shares about history of wildlife parks in Singapore.

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Our Heritage Stories: History of Wildlife Parks in Singapore | Sun, 15 May, 11am
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Did you know that Singapore’s first public zoo was set up in 1875? The zoo’s collection was made up of public contributions, gifts from administrators and dignitaries from Singapore and Malaya and even the King of Siam! In this talk, librarian Lim Tin Seng will share about the history and evolution of wildlife parks in Singapore.

Lim Tin Seng

Lim Tin Seng is a Librarian with the National Library of Singapore. He is the co-editor of Roots: Tracing Family Histories – A Resource Guide (2013); Harmony and Development: ASEAN-China Relations (2009) and China’s New Social Policy: Initiatives for a Harmonious Society (2010).

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