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Open Business @ Bee Amazed Garden

by Bee Amazed Garden
12 May • 07:00pm

Open Business are two videos about the Singapore Business owners inspirations and journeys in the area of Tourism Heritage and Nature Heritage. Meet Abba’s Department Store at Smith Street, Chinatown since 1979 and Bee Amazed Garden since 2017.

Watch Here

Open Business @ Bee Amazed Garden | 12 May, 7pm
You may enjoy the Livestream from the SHF Facebook page.


Meet John, the Founder and educator at Bee Amazed Garden. They have been providing bee education and team building experiences since 2017. Find out the Business owners inspirations and development journeys in keeping the Singapore business going. Support Singapore business and create our Singapore heritage!


This programme is facilitated by Theatre Today.
Theatre Today was established in 2016, by experienced Theatre Director, Drama Educator, Creative Producer, Jeffrey Tan. Theatre Today celebrates the diversity of stories and lived experiences through experiential workshops, commissions or site specific productions. Jeffrey conceptualised OPEN HOMES (2015, 2017 and 2019), where residents became Host Storytellers, who shared personal stories from their own homes. OPEN BUSINESS at the Singapore HeritageFest focuses on traditional family business.

VIDEO - Open Business @ Bee Amazed Garden


LIVE - Open Business @ Bee Amazed Garden


Bee Amazed Garden

BEE AMAZED Garden is a motivational, edutainment and training centre for personal and organisational excellence.

Our mission is to make Singapore & societies BEE-friendly. We promote the importance of local honey bees to our environment, food security, sustainability and climate change.

We inspire others to be BEE-friendly, brave, courageous and resilient.

Learning from the bees, we incorporate tips to help children & families & organisations to BEE successful and influential.

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