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My Journey as a Millennial Growing Up in Clan Associations

by Kwong Wai Siew Lee Clan Association (广惠肇李氏书室)
29 May • 10:00am • 25 Ann Siang Road

What goes on behind the “closed doors” of clan associations? How are they relevant to youth today? Hear from lion dancer and pugilist Lynn Wong, a millennial who grew up in not just one, but several clan associations!

Kwong Wai Siew Lee Clan Association

In 2017, Ms Lynn Wong left her PhD programme and jumped fully into the world of clan associations as part of a fervent bid and personal mission to preserve Chinese culture and heritage. Today, Ms Wong who is in her early 30s, holds leadership positions at five clan associations in Singapore and has worked closely with more than 30 such organisations.


Come hear her “unconventional” story in this programme centred on her journey to date. The session will take place virtually and will be conducted in English. Should you have any feedback for this programme, let us know via this form here.

Should you have any feedback for this programme, let us know via this form here

About Lynn Wong

In 2016, Lynn Wong was recognised for her holistic contributions to the clan association scene in Singapore and was awarded the inaugural Outstanding Clan Youth Award.


Since then, she has worked on a number of notable projects. For instance, she organised Singapore’s first Cantonese and Hakka Festival – the inaugural Ho Yeah Festival in 2018; directed the award-winning Reviving Our Forefathers’ Disappearing Foods documentary; and also curated the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations’ (SFCCA) “New World, New Life” multi-sensory exhibition which ran from 2018 to 2019. This was the SFCCA’s pièce de résistance for Singapore’s Bicentennial Commemoration.


Ms Wong is currently working on a publication about the Seven Sisters' festival. She is also organising the second edition of the Ho Yeah Festival which is slated to take place at the end of the year.


Kwong Wai Siew Lee Clan Association (广惠肇李氏书室)

Kwong Wai Siew Lee Clan Association (广惠肇李氏书室) is a 147-year old Cantonese association at 25 Ann Siang Road which organises regular events to promote Chinese culture.

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