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Montage 2021: Change

by The Photographic Society of the National University of Singapore (NUSPS)
8 - 27 Jun • 12:00am • Across Singapore

Montage 2021 was conceived to reach out to the photographic community in Singapore by providing them a stage to showcase their talent. It also aims to encourage people from all walks of life to pick up photography as a mode of expression and communication and raise awareness of the capacity for photography to engage others through the stories told.


The website URL for Montage 2021 will go live at a later date. 

As the saying goes, “change is the only constant”. Change connects our experiences as we weave in and out of the good times and the bad. Change happens within us and all around us, colouring our experiences and relationships.

Tell us in 3 to 5 pictures about a change that you have observed or experienced, or a change that might happen in the future. What do you think or feel about it? How do you act or react to it? From observations of the world around you, to expressions to the world within you, we look forward to seeing change captured by your lenses in Montage 2021.

Every year, Montage strives to make our workshops as interesting as possible to attract people with different levels of experience. True to our theme of Change, we also endeavour to switch things up and inject a dose of freshness to each competition. As such, we seek to introduce photography genres that have received less attention in workshops, put a new twist on genres that have received more attention, and place renewed emphasis on skills that span all genres of photography. Whether it be a novice or an experienced professional who seeks a new challenge, there is something for all Montage participants.

Hawker Food Photography Workshop
This workshop serves to celebrate Singapore hawker culture's inclusion into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by showcasing hawker food and the chefs that make them. We believe that this workshop can help people explore the significance of hawker food as a staple in the diets of Singaporeans and get a sensing of any changes in the outlook for Singaporean hawker culture following its UNESCO inclusion. Through this workshop we also want to bring out the different backstories of the businesses/chefs who cook the food that Singaporeans come to love.

Activity Dates
22-05-21 - Wildlife photography online workshop
29-05-21 - Wildlife photography practical
05-06-21 - Hawker food photography online workshop
11-06-21 - Hawker food photography practical
19-06-21 - Photography storytelling online workshop

The Photographic Society of the National University of Singapore (NUSPS)

Founded in 1969, The Photographic Society of the National University of Singapore (NUSPS) is one of the earliest photographic interest groups formed, and still currently operating in NUS. Our society is actively involved in connecting like-minded individuals with a passion for photography to meet and pursue photography together. Throughout the semester, we plan, host and organize many courses, workshops, photo-walks as well as competitions to keep our members engaged.

Other fascinating stories & events…

ACM on a Plate: Fish Maw Soup with Chef Malcolm Lee

5 May • 12:00pm

Join Chef Malcolm Lee of Candlenut in this cooking demonstration inspired by the beautiful kamcheng in ACM's Maritime Trade Gallery.

Artist Panel: In Sickness and In Health

23 May • 11:00am

In this panel, contemporary artists Adeline Kueh, Divaagar and ila will share the concepts and processes involved in developing their newly commissioned digital artworks for Living Legacies: In Sickness and In Health.

Brush, Brush, Brush Your Teeth

Wielding 10-cents toothbrushes, school-going children once squatted along drains to brush their teeth. Learn more about this Dental Health campaign in the 60s to 70s by joining a mummy and daughter duo in their short story and sing-along!