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MasterCraft: Conversations and Woodworking Workshops with Roger&Sons

by Roger&Sons
7 May • 10:00am • King George's Avenue
7 May • 11:30am • King George's Avenue
7 May • 02:00pm • King George's Avenue
7 May • 03:30pm • King George's Avenue

Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of conversations about The Local Tree Project and woodworking workshops! Sharing the process behind the craft of turning local wood into products and furniture in Singapore, you will also produce your very own pair of wooden chopsticks and pencils through our workshop experience!


MasterCraft: Conversations and Woodworking Workshops with Roger&Sons
Dates & Time:
Sat, 7 May | 10am to 11.30am
Sat, 7 May | 11.30am to 1pm
Sat, 7 May | 2pm to 3.30pm
Sat, 7 May | 3.30pm to 5pm

Venue: 115 King George’s Avenue, #01-01, Singapore 208561
Fee: $100 per pax
Registration: https://rog-chopstickspencil.peatix.com (Registration link will be available from Thu, 21 Apr, 12pm onwards)

Kicking off the programme with dialogues about The Local Tree Project, we illuminate the landscape of our woodworking industry. Engage in conversations with us as we share on the stories of our local trees and our efforts in utilising local resources and reducing wastage. You will also be able to partake in creating your very own pair of wooden chopsticks and pencils through our workshop experience! Utilising offcuts—materials that are leftover—we wish to share how they could be turned into usable products, rather than discarding them.

This programme is open to everyone. No experience is required for participants to take part in our workshops.


Roger&Sons is a team of ethical makers and mavericks who craft fine furniture and thoughtful objects. Our work is driven by inquiry, and spans disciplines: furniture, industrial, and product design, as well as woodworking.

Our team also spearheads The Local Tree Project—an initiative started in 2019 that salvages trees that have been felled for urban development. It rehabilitates these abandoned logs by turning them into durable, future-proof objects and furniture.

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